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Our Story

Back in 1994 our founder, an entrepreneur James S. Smith owned a small graphic design company called "Inevitable Graphfx" on Detroit's westside in a tiny booth within mammoth shopping mall.  Back then his primary customers were hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians and others from the cosmetology industry.  Through this affiliation was birthed a new concept in book advertising.  Considering that he had made so many designs for business cards, flyers and many other forms of printing for his clients, in addition that most of his clients were primarly from the same area,  he felt it only made sense to compile all of his many clients from within the same indusrty, and put them into a small FREE booklet.  He had noticed that although they were buying his printed items, they had very little time to hand out all the flyers and business cards they had purchased.   At this point, James saw a need and filled it.  He created "New Clientele Magazine" the first FREE beauty publication dedicated to the building and re-building of beauty professionals clientele.  It soon expanded from only being available in beauty supply stores to national retail chains, i.e. Walmart, Sams Club, CVS, Super Markets and many other popular retail locations in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami/Fort Lauderdale and many other cities since the time

of this writing.


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