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FAQ'S / Media Kit


The information within this kit, will go into depth about the demorgraphics,

circulation, graphic design and photography, along with the many benefits and

the costs to advertise.


* The costs associated with our Prime AD Space, including; the cover pages, centerfolds, and back covers,

are not mentioned in this kit, due to many specific factors, however it will be discussed in more detail with one

of our trained sales associates.  For more information regarding a Prime AD placement, please be sure

to call us at 1-248-936-0018 Ext. 1 or email us at


-Most Frequently Asked Questions-


Is This JUST Another Hair Book?
NO!  This is a directory of Hair, Nail and Barber SPECIALS
tailor made for you to increase your client base.

What Are The Advantages Of This Directory?
#1 Local Distribution (Considering most of your clients may be from
this area or surrounding cities, it would help to advertise around them...
Of course national distribution is great... But how many of your clients
are from out of state, and how often do you service them.

#2  No Cost To Clients (It's FREE to all your potential clients, and found
almost everywhere...  Beauty Supply Stores, Gas Stations/Convience stores,
Car Washes, Restaurants, Office Complexes, Concerts, Clubs, Hair Shows, and
Select National Retail Chains... Walmart, Sams Club, CVS, Hospitals,
Jewel Osco and Many other Retail Locations To Come.

#3  Affordable For You, The cost is $300.00 per page
(Not including; The Cover, Centerfold or Back Page.
*Note (Prime AD Placements Must Be Discussed With A Sales Rep.)
• A Full 2 Months of Advertising.
• A Photography Session with your (3) models is only $100.00
A designed layout for the book is $75.00 (3 Part Payment Plans Are Available)
How Often Is This Directory Printed?
We print Bi-Monthly, which gives you a full 60 Day circulation
within our demographic area, and also gives you the
oppourtunity to see if the advertising is working for you.

Is There A Long Financial Obligation?
NO.. Simply pay as you go, if for any reason you no longer
want to run your ad, just simply call and cancel, that's it.

What If I Need Photography FOR My Models?
We will arrange a professional digital photography session for
you and your models for a $100.00 Fee, and your pictures will be given
to you on a CD for your future development.  Actual Prints Are Extra.

What If I need a layout created?
Our In house design staff can create a customized designed layout to your
specifications for $75 (Includes Pictures, text, social media, Etc.)

How Many Books Do You Distribute & Print?
 We Print Over 20,000 Books Every 60 days, our studies conclude
the we have a (4) reader per copy Lifetime, which means you
will get 20,000+ readers multiplied by (4) That's 80,000
readers in your area every (2) Months... A GREAT VALUE!!!

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