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The Company


New Clientele is a multi-facteted marketing and advertising company, with a unique niche within the beauty industry.

Today we are one of Detroit's largest purveryors of marketing, education and entertainment for the beauty industy.. 

How It All Began...

Back in 1994 our founder, an entrepreneur James S. Smith owned a small graphic design company called "Inevitable Graphfx" on Detroit's westside in a tiny booth within mammoth shopping mall.  Back then his primary customers were hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians and others from the cosmetology industry.  Through this affiliation was birthed a new concept in book advertising.  Considering that he had made so many designs for business cards, flyers and many other forms of printing for his clients, in addition that most of his clients

were primarly from the same area,  he felt it only made sense to compile all of his many clients from within the same indusrty, and put them into a small FREE booklet.  He had noticed that although they were buying his printed items, they had very little time to hand out all the flyers and business cards they had purchased.   At this point, James saw a need and filled it.  He created "New Clientele Magazine" the first FREE beauty publication dedicated to the building and re-building of beauty professionals clientele.  It soon expanded from only being available in beauty supply stores to national retail chains, i.e. Walmart, Sams Club, CVS, Super Markets and many other popular retail locations in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami/Fort Lauderdale and many other cities

since the time of this writing.

Great Things Ahead

Our company has now embarked up on many new and exciting adventures, and

one of those new paths into the realm of youtube.  We now produce our own webisodes on youtube, featuring "Kim & James Touring Adventures" a new

platform to discuss and review many new salons and services in the different cities we travel to..  Every city we go to has a different pulse, some are super

fast and others are slow, but no matter the speed, it's a great time nonetheless.  We spend our time reviewing and researching new products and services while looking for beauty professioanls with unique skillsets that we can promote

and help educate others.  The show is full of laughter, engaging commentary

and a wealth of knowledge plus resources for the professional and novice alike.


Be sure to check out or channel. Click this link to view our channel.

Our Company Today

New Clientele Magazine is a Detroit based publishing company formed in

1994 with a vision to create a new and innovative method of advertising for the

cosmetology industry.Although beauty publications are not new, the unique method by which we market them is.  We decided to make them smaller, easier to carry and keep, and best of all FREE to all consumers.  In addition, our books are widely distributed beyond the beauty supply outlets, we are also inside major retailers...


Select Walmart, Sam's Club, Krogers Market, Jewel-Osco, Winn Dixie, Glory Foods and many other restaurants, convience stores, gas stations and many other high traffic locations.  We realized very early that many of the publications for the beauty industry did not produce the return on investment that many of its advertisers had hoped for.

Some of these books were nationwide, but most of them could not manifest  nation-wide results, Why?  The short answer is....  "Most people will only travel within close proximity  to where they live or work, and very few if any will travel across the country or into the next state on a regular basis"  We chose to keep the focus local, thus increasing the clientele for our advertisers, while providing our readers with the best information possible about the services they enjoy the most.


Our books are published every 60 days, which keeps our readers  up-to-date with the latest trends & styles.  We will continue to strive for excellence, and we hope you can be a part of that experience via readership or by being our client.  Please continue to browse our site, as we update our information often.   Also feel free to send us an email at   Thank You!!

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